The US ambient duo and cult Japanese act combine on the latest RVNG release.

RVNG Intl has released its first single from US duo Visible Cloaks, Japanese electronic pop diggers best known for their Fairlights, Mallets and Bamboo mixes.

The duo’s mixes covered Japanese ambient and pop music from 1980-86 and gained a cult following. Their debut for RVNG continues their exploration of the country’s music on a collaboration with Japanese duo Dip in the Pool.

‘Valve’ takes spoken word vocals from Dip in the Pool member Miyako Koda’s ‘A Sea of Love’ into “a MIDI chordal movement permeated by disparate tones, colors, and textures throughout the meditative piece.”

‘Valve (Revisited)’ features new vocals from Koda alongside Dip in the Pool member Tatsuji Kim’s “enhanced melodies” and co-production from Visible Cloaks.

RVNG has also commissioned Brenna Murphy to create an “interactive digital environment” for the collaboration. Mac users can download it as a desktop application here.

The single is out now, and available from the RVNG Intl. site. Last month RVNG announced a dub-inspired pop album from Japanese artist 7FO.



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