He originally thought taking out a Grammys ad “seemed lame”.

Chance the Rapper has taken out an ad in Billboard seeking a Grammy nomination for next award ceremony next year. While this is a fairly standard practice for most musicians, Chance only became eligible three months ago.

Back in June, the Grammys changed the distinctions for what qualifies as an album by including full-lengths that stream exclusively through major platforms like Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal which have at least once paid subscription tier. So while Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book did surpass the whole “you-have-to-sell-it-to-snatch-the-Grammy” thing he turned his nose up at (in a good way) on ‘Ultralight Beam’, the album can not be submitted for nomination.

Chance is really sticking the cream overalls and Chance 3 fitted look, which only convinces us more than he’s actually dressed as Tanooki Mario in the Kit Kat commercial and not a rat, as his grandmother believed.

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