“We glorify the vagina, we don’t take it.”

Miami rap legend Uncle Luke of 2 Live Crew recently called in Bay Area radio morning show Kevin Klein Live to speak about Donald Trump. Over the phone, he recalled being invited to a party at Trump’s West Palm Beach mansion and being so appalled by the behavior there, he had to leave.

“Me, Mike Tyson and Eddie Murphy, we were invited to his mansion in West Palm Beach one time. And he had all these women running around. It was so much going on to the point that I couldn’t take what was going in that room and I left.” Luke would not say exactly what went on. “It was some wild things going on. It was some things I can’t even say over this radio.”

It is a little bit odd that Klein would invite Uncle Luke on his show with the expectation that Luke is a fan of Trump. Just days ago, he posted a video on Instagram lambasting the Republican Party for embracing Trump after their witch hunt to take down 2 Live Crew and their music.

This is what I have to say about Mr. Trump grab the coochie comments

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“Isn’t this the party that came after me? The right wing conservative Republican party that said, ‘We don’t wanna hear no, “I want some…” We don’t wanna hear no, “Face down…” We don’t wanna hear no, “Pop that…”‘,” he says in the clip. “I spent millions and millions of dollars dealing with this Republican party and now your nominee is out there talking about ‘Grab her by the coochie’? Are you serious? I want all my money back.”

(It should be noted that for however crude one finds the lyrics to any 2 Live Crew song, they are just that: crude. The leaked video of Trump’s 2005 violent comments have led to an outpouring of women coming forward claiming they had been harassed or touched inappropriately by Trump.)

Listen to Luke talk about the party at Trump’s below.



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