The week’s best mixes: Pangaea, Machine Woman and spiritual transmissions

Each week, FACT trawls through the untamed world of free mixes, radio specials and live blends so you don’t have to.

This week, Machine Woman mines the internet for ambient dreams, RAMZi turns in a soft and heavy comfort blanket of highlife and other West African styles, Maya K deals in the art of zen and Via App and Pangaea prove why they’re two of our fave DJs. Dive in below.

Machine Woman
“Ambient Dreams When Your Ghost Producer Tells You To Listen To Gabba” (Radio Cómeme)

Berlin’s Machine Woman comes through with the week’s most unique mix concept, stitching together loops from sample packs found across the internet. Using delay, reverb and tempo manipulation, she turns her source material into an hour of music that’s much more than the sum of its parts, moving from glacial ambient through industrial textures into gabba. Tailor-made for nighttime headphone listening in the city.

Crack mix 123

Pangaea’s been one of our favourite DJs and producers for nearly a decade, and with his debut album dropping today – the tautly engineered, hit-packed In Drum Play – Kevin McAuley gives us a whiff of what else he’s been listening to lately via his Crack mix. This, dear reader, is How It Is Done. It’s a proper set, with a beginning (from Willow’s killer new Workshop 12″), middle (heavy stuff from Bjarki, Random Logic) and end – tension and release, curveballs and deep grooves, everything’s in there. Pretenders, fall back.

Big Bird (Juno Plus)

A celebratory blend of Ghanaian highlife, female-powered Malian Wassoulou, coupé-décale from Ivory Coast and other West African styles, this mix from Montreal-via-Vancouver producer RAMZi rolls through the decades and keep the mood flying high. Encompassing everything from legendary Wassoulou figurehead Nahawa Doumbia to ‘90s popstars Magic System, this is the one to lift your spirits (and bears the late Juno Plus’ quality seal).

Devotional Music (NTS Radio, October 11)

For a quasi-religious experience that doesn’t involve stepping anywhere near an actual religious building, this remedying mix of devotional music takes time out to reflect with ambient noise, shiver-inducing a cappella vocal ululations and electronic torch songs. James Ferraro collaborator Maxwell Sterling and Shackleton both make an appearance, Serpentwithfeet floats through his self-styled pagan gospel, and Brussels-based producer Sky H1 creates a widescreen space for mental workouts.

Via App
Baby K Interaction (Truancy Volume 158)

Via App is one of our true faves right now. Since we sniffed out her 1080p release in 2014 we’ve been watching the Brooklyn artist develop her mangled techno into one of the best live sets in the game, while behind the decks it always feels like she’s inviting us into her world, picking underground gems from her crew (Isabella, J.H.R.N.B.R.) and her own vaults, including two new collaborative projects. We highly recommend reading the interview on Truants to get the full picture.



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