The new project from producer Yair Elazar Glotman.

Yair Elazar Glotman, the Berlin producer best know for his work as Ketev and collaborations with Emptyset’s James Ginzburg, has announced a new album under the moniker Blessed Initiative for Ginzburg’s Subtext Recordings.

Glotman designed the self-titled album from a complex process built around a KYMA sound design workstation, foley recordings and manipulated tape. The result is a tense record contrasted between shivering, insectoid runs of sound and passages of silvery ambience. For fans of Subtext’s many great releases this year including LPs by Fis and Paul Jebanasam (or even Porter’s own LP on Tri Angle), it’s another welcome addition.

Stream the floating opener ‘Vile Value’ and take a look at the artwork below, along with playful track titles including ‘Xanax Interlude (Relax!)’

01. ‘Vile Value’
02. ‘Jazz as commodity’
03. ‘Out with the old, in with the newflesh’
04. ‘Xanax Interlude (relax!)’
05. ‘Delirium juice & taste Of jewelry’
06. ‘as cyber shaming may be’
07. ‘The elite (reform, deform)’
08. ‘Borderline spamming’