The Deluge is a standalone device for music-making.

New Zealand boutique company Synthstrom Audible has announced the launch of Deluge, a giant hybrid synth, sequencer and sampler.

According to the impressive specs list, Deluge combines 128 pads for sequencing with a dual-engine subtractive and FM synth. It also includes 64MB of RAM for loading samples, the equivalent of 12 minutes of mono CD-quality sound.

One of Deluge’s most impressive features is its polyphony, which is limited only by the processor – Synthstrom Audible says that the maximum is typically 48 synth voices  or 64 sample voices.


There’s also a generous selection of on-board effects, an arpeggiator, MIDI connections and CV outs and gate and trigger outs for connecting to older hardware or Eurorack modular systems.

Synthstrom Audio will be officially launching the device on October 22 at an event in Auckland. No price has been announced yet, but pre-orders open on October 25 with the full web launch.

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