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FACT mix 573: UMFANG

Foghorns and fierce techno from a high-ranking Discwoman.

UMFANG first landed on our radar last year with Ok, an album of stripped-down, spaced-out techno for Vancouver label 1080p, where her slippery club experiments found a natural home alongside comrades like Via App, Xophie Xweetland and RAMZi.

Since then we’ve also got to know Emma Burgess-Olson as a resident of Brooklyn’s Technofeminism party and co-founder of Discwoman, the collective turned artist agency for female-identified DJs which is already changing the shape of US clubland by giving a leg-up to talents like Shyboi and DJ Haram.

As a DJ, Burgess-Olson’s taste tends towards the fast and furious (echoed on her ‘Riffs’ 12” for 1080p this year), placing vintage rave alongside oddball techno from her underground contemporaries, and her FACT mix is no different.

“The mix is all vinyl and a collection of recent finds in New York, Berlin, and things that have been gifted to me from friends,” she explains. “I’ve been playing really fast techno and rave tracks that span between beautiful and totally mental. There are literally fog horns in this mix, but they are from 1996 which gives them a whole different context for me.

“Techno gets taken way too seriously, and I’ve been drawing closer to noisy and more alien sounds lately to get away from the stoic reputation contemporary techno has been taken over by. The world is a mess and I’m feeling a lot lately and this mix may sound chaotic but it’s also about unity and getting through it.”

Seatbelts, please.


Si Begg – ‘Cap ‘n Crunch’
Dj Hyperactive – ‘Planet of Drums 7 A1’
The Doorkeeper – ‘Yakata’
Anorak – ‘Caution’
Silent Breed 4 – ‘Culture’
Brother’s Yard – ‘Nue 2’
Jeff Mills – ‘Ticket to Thrillville’
Mass Retain – ‘Recall’
Tuomas Rantanen – ‘Zero Line’
Murray Cy – ‘Slow Spasm’
Via App – ‘Rogue Nerve’
Draveng – ‘For Thin Soles’
Marco Bailey – ‘Tr 98 EP A1’
Young Male – ‘Body Music’
Lenk – ‘Lift’
Sandro Galli – ‘Spectrum A1’
Cienfuegos – ‘Slipping Venus’
Lovers Rock 12 – ‘B2’



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