Batman and Lopatin.

After dropping a teaser for it earlier this week, Oneohtrix Point Never has unveiled the video for ‘Animals’.

Directed and edited by The Comedy’s Rick Alverson with OPN aka Daniel Lopatin, the video stars a Nike tracksuit-wearing Val Kilmer who is filmed sitting on a hotel bed with his eyes closed. As a piece of art, it was intended to subvert our understanding of straightforward portraiture, with strobing effects and stuttered frames disrupting the stillness of the scenes and working in tandem with the track’s jittery sound.

The video premiered last night (October 18) at The Hammer Museum at UCLA during Ecco: The Videos of Oneohtrix Point Never, a retrospective on the music videos associated with Lopatin’s many projects.

The track is taken from OPN’s 2015 masterpiece Garden of Delete, which we chatted to Lopatin about in-depth around the time of its release.



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