The beloved band may finally have a third album album in the works.

Fans of iconic indie rock band Neutral Milk Hotel are suspecting a long-awaited third album could be in the works after one Reddit user revealed hints hidden away in a new drawing by bandleader Jeff Mangum, Stereogum points out.

The rumor began with the release of the “The Book Cipher Sings”, Mangum’s latest series of drawings on the band’s store, including an altered version mailed out to one buyer. The drawings includes the phrases like “double”, “double album” and the symbols L and P. Even more curious is the reference to ciphers in the title and steganography in the description, both of which refer to coding and hiding secret messages in pictures.

Fans are already discussing other hints including references to a cicada that hatches every 17 years (with 2017 being the next occasion) and three numbered circles with Saturn-like rings. The first two circles have one ring, but the third has two, adding further fuel to suspicions that a double album is coming.

Though they did reunite recently to tour, Neutral Milk Hotel haven’t released a new album since their 1998 classic In The Aeroplane Over The Sea.

Look through some of the drawings yourself below.







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