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FACT mix 574: Florentino

The reggaeton romantic sets a new standard.

The great thing about bringing a new FACT mix into the world every week is the knowledge that one of our favourite artists has brought their A-game to a task that’s entirely voluntary – a lot of sweat, toil and talent goes into every one, and we’re awed by it. That said, occasionally a DJ goes above and beyond to deliver a session that really stands out. Florentino’s FACT mix is one of those.

Currently based in Manchester where he’s affiliated with local crew Swing Ting, Florentino makes music that’s a logical extension of his British-Colombian heritage, linking the booty-bouncing thump of reggaeton with the bass and motion of UK sound system culture. He also prides himself on bringing some flirtation to the ‘floor, dropping cheeky whistles and lipsmacking kisses into his madcap productions (listen out for his very special DJ drop, too).

Following last year’s Tu y Yo EP on Swing Ting, he’s promised us some new music before the end of the year and plenty more coming in 2017 – and this mix is our sneak preview. Florentino spent literally months putting this beast together, fixing up a batch of his own edits, remixes and VIPs and compiling rare dubs from around the world, including Murlo & Samrai, DJ Lycox, DJC and Epic B. Watch out for those questions marks, too.

Recorded at Radar Radio in London and the Swing Ting studios in Manchester, it’s a mix that actually deserves its generous serving of airhorns.


Florentino – ‘Perdiste’ (Intro edit)
Florentino – ‘Perdido VIP’
DJC – 4X4 Beat Tool
Florentino – ‘Bloodline’
Florentino – ‘Eres Un Romantico VIP’
Florentino – ‘Mamasota’
Kash Doll – ‘Waste Your Time’ (Florentino Edit)
DJ Mario – ‘Mueve El Toto’ (Florentino Re-imagine)
Equiknoxx – ‘Bubble’ feat. Devin Di Dakta (Florentino Remix)
Canblaster – ‘Inner Voxes’ (Florentino Remix)
Epic B – ‘The Riddim’ (Florentino FX Edit)
Florentino – ???
Florentino – ‘Mentirosa’
Florentino – ???
Epic B – ‘Apollo 2.0’
Florentino – ‘Colombian Flute’
Florentino – ‘Agarrate Tool’
Murlo & Samrai – ‘Crimson Riddim’
Florentino – ‘Egyptian Breath’
Jeremih – ‘If I Was Your Man’ (Florentino Remix)
Spooky – ‘Coolie Joyride’ (Florentino Refix)
Kid Antoine – ‘Bodypaint’ (Florentino Remix)
Florentino – ‘Da Hoolbow’ VIP
Abra – ‘Crybaby’ (Florentino Remix)
Skepta – ‘Stageshow Rhythm’ (Florentino Refix)
Drake, PND, Jeremih X Elements of Chuckies drums X Florentino drums
DJ Lycox – ‘Stage Killah’
Chisanity – ‘Beat It Up’ feat. Ty Dolla Sign (Florentino Edit)
Birdman – ‘What Happened To That Boy’ (Florentino Edit of Amphibious Edit)
Florentino – ‘Gaita Drumz’
Florentino – ‘Sientelo’
J Balvin – ‘Snapchat’ (Florentino Refix)
Junior Makina – ‘Pass It On & On’



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