Bompton’s braziest YG returns with another 2016 full-length.

LA rapper YG has announced, via Twitter, that his next full-length will drop on November 25 – Black Friday. It’s called Red Friday – a hat tip to his notorious Blood affiliation as well as a celebration of the day after Thanksgiving that has become a sale extravaganza for stores in the run-up to Christmas.

YG released his second album Still Brazy in June to a torrent of acclaim (some from this very site) and he’s kept up a solid profile since, repairing old ties with DJ Mustard for three appearances on his recent Cold Summer album.

The rapper’s ‘Fuck Donald Trump’ – a collaboration with Nipsey Hussle – has become an anthem in the run-up to the US elections, so we can only wonder if Red Friday will feature more politically charged tracks.



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