Evian Christ contributes a remix.

London DJ and producer Kamixlo has announced the follow-up to last year’s club-obliterating Demonico EP.

Angélico is “about the birth of something happy and sweet – the Bala Club movement,” states the press the release, referencing the nomadic south London party which the Chilean producer launched last year with his brother Uli K and best mate Endgame.

“It’s a thanks giving, even if it is expressed through the dark world prism of the Bala aesthetic – influenced by everything from Japanese wrestling to metal to industrial to dancehall.”

The six-track EP includes the single ‘Bloodless Y’, a spartan club track built from scrap metal kicks and twisted voices, and an Evian Christ remix of the same track. Artwork is by Jam City collaborator Daniel Swan.

Grab the EP on November 11 via Bala Club and catch up with this summer’s Bala Club Vol. 1 compilation. Stream Endgame’s FACT mix.


01. ‘Angélico’
02. ‘Bloodless Y’
03. ‘Ayuda’
04. ‘Ice2U’
05. ‘Xtremetonterias’
06. ‘Bloodless Y’ (Evian Christ remix)



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