Let’s rocket!

The ’90s power ballad on speed that you remember as the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers theme song is coming to vinyl this year.

iam8bit, who released the soundtracks for No Man’s Sky and Journey, has licensed the theme, along with other music from the show, from Saban. It will all be collected on a “rainbow Ranger splatter” LP.

While there are few details about exactly what other tunes will be included (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the Album: A Rock Adventure, anyone?), the Ron Wasserman-composed theme and the rest of the music has been “lovingly” remastered. It’s packaged in a JC Richard-illustrated sleeve.

The soundtrack is available for preorder starting tomorrow, November 4 at 9AM PST. Go-go to iam8bit now to check out more details and for other Power Rangers merch.




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