Plus, watch Hillary quote from ‘My President is Black’.

Weeks ago, Jay Z announced he’d be performing at a concert on November 4 in Cleveland in support of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. At last night’s concert, he and Beyoncé campaigned for Clinton alongside their guests Chance the Rapper, Big Sean and J. Cole.

Beyoncé also gave an impassioned speech about the rights of women and the achievement that will be made by finally having a woman serve as president of the United States.

Watch Beyoncé’s speech below, as well as the couple’s introduction of Clinton, where she uses lines from Jay’s verse from the ‘My President is Black’ remix to illustrate why she thinks his music is important. She also cites his lyrics about racism, poverty and problems in the US corrections system as significant political art.

You can also watch Jay’s entire performance, via Fox Atlanta, below. It starts around the 51:15 mark.


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