“Go vote muhfuckaz.” 

Not content with releasing his anti-Trump anthem ‘FDT’ and inviting fans on stage in September to beat a Donald Trump piñata (that looked like a lot of fun to whack), YG has taken his hatred for Dangerous Donald even further by handing out free “Fuck Donald Trump” bagels to voters.

The Compton rapper’s non-profit organization 4 Hundred Waze has teamed up with LA bagel truck Yeastie Boys to deliver the dyed red, hand-rolled treats – a hat tip to his the rapper’s notorious Blood affiliation, of which his forthcoming Red Friday mixtape also gives props to. The free bagels will be available from 8am, until supplies last.

See a preview of the bagels via Pitchfork and if you haven’t seen YG’s Donald Trump piñata in action yet – check it below.



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