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Donald Trump wins US Presidential election: The music world reacts

Artists respond with fury and disappointment as the Republican candidate defies polls.

Eight years after electing its first black commander-in-chief, the United States of America last night elected to be President a man endorsed by the KKK and accused of child rape. The news that Trump and his running mate Mike Pence – a man on record as believing in gay conversion therapy – are soon to be in the Oval Office understandably shook the largely pro-Hillary Clinton music world, which reacted with a mix of anger, confusion and determination to regroup and rebel.

Despite support from artists like Jay Z, Beyoncé, Pusha T and Rihanna – who earlier in the evening posed on Instagram in a Clinton t-shirt – the Democratic nominee saw early odds plummet as the night went on, with key swing states being declared in Trump’s favour. The official announcement that Trump had won came at 7.30am GMT, by which point the Dow stock market index was being reported as having dropped lower than it did in the aftermath of 9/11.

Here’s what Flying Lotus, St Vincent, Snoop Dogg, Disclosure and more had to say about the result. Check back for more as the dust begins to settle – we’ll be updating as the day goes on.

Public Enemy’s Chuck D hit out at Trump, also taking a moment to point out that the Canadian immigration website had crashed as US citizens apparently investigated how to emigrate.

Dawn Richard highlighted the bigotry believed by many to be the root of Trump’s win.

Lady Gaga, who was a prominent celebrity campaigner for Clinton alongside Katy Perry, was in solemn mood as Trump began to pull ahead in the early morning.


Chance The Rapper, who led an estimated crowd of thousands to voting booths on Wednesday morning, responded emotionally to this clip from CNN, which has since gone viral.

Snoop Dogg appeared to reveal he voted for neither Trump nor Clinton, instead spoiling his ballot with a vote for Million Man March activist Louis Farrakhan. He did, however, celebrate California’s decision to legalise weed.


Disclosure and Run The Jewels’ El-P each hit Google.

Run The Jewels’ Killer Mike – an outspoken Bernie Sanders fan – was meanwhile left to defend his recent calls to fans to “stay the fuck home” on election day after having called voting for Trump and Clinton “the same thing” in August.

Flying Lotus, who made sexually explicit remarks about Clinton in the run-up to the election, blamed the media.

St. Vincent has been left speechless.

TEED had a sly dig at Taylor Swift, who has been criticised by many for refusing to pledge her support for Clinton in the run-up to this week’s vote.

Diplo likened Trump’s upcoming presidency to US TV series Duck Dynasty – a reality show about an anti-gay, pro-Christian, racist, gun-toting family in Louisiana who profit well off duck hunting season.



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