“I knew people were mad enough to do things I hadn’t expected to do.”

Killer Mike remained a staunch Bernie Sanders supporter throughout the 2016 Democratic primary and was often a critic of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Now the Run The Jewels rapper has discussed her loss to Donald Trump on the morning talk show The Real.

Mike describes the win as a symptom of lower class frustrating, saying that he was scared by the number of black Americans who decided to vote for Trump. He also references the 1960s civil rights movement and blames the political system for pitting the black and white lower class against each other.

Read his comments below and watch the full video below.

“They voted for a party that used the illusion of patriotism, the illusion of military, the illusion of being better by skin color or class, to oppress them and on the other side I think all the people who look like people on this panel — black brown and all types of hues in between — I think we have been used by a party to the liberal side that once to the liberal side that once in office has not enacted policies that are reflective of stuff that would be bring our communities up, so I think poor people got angry — and I think there just happens to be, in this country, more poor, angry white people.”



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