Bush says she was “nervous every night.”

Kate Bush is set to lift the lid on her 2014 concert series for a special hour-long programme, Kate Bush on 6 Music, broadcast this Sunday, November 20 at 1pm.

Bush hasn’t been interviewed since around the time of her tenth studio album 50 Words for Snow in 2011. She famously declined interview requests before and after her 2014 shows – her first since 1979.

Ahead of the BBC 6 Music broadcast, BBC has published part of the interview transcript. Bush recalls the “terror” of performing the concerts, revealing that she was “nervous every night” of the 22-show run and that her biggest fear was losing her place mid-song.

The singer says her mind was racing ahead throughout that she was “so terrified” it would wander off and she wouldn’t remember where she was. Bush explains that the idea of putting the show together was something she found interesting and exciting, “but to actually step into it was something that I had to really work hard on because I was terrified of doing live work as a performer again.”

She also talks about the live album she is putting together but says that she is not currently writing any new music.

Tune into BBC 6 Music on Sunday, November 20, to hear the interview in full.



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