“Fuck the patriarchy.”

As the world wakes up to the terrifying prospect that no, it wasn’t all just a very bad dream, Wolf Eyes are standing in solidarity with marginalised groups by making their Bandcamp catalogue pay-what-you-want for 24 hours and donating the funds to charity.

“Although many hear Wolf Eyes as an ‘end of the world’ band, and surely it feels that way for many, our hope is that it too can be some light in the darkness,” wrote the noise act in a Facebook post. The group made everything on their Bandcamp free of charge for 24 hours on November 9, so you have until 7pm (GMT) today to make your purchase.

The Wolf Eyes website has also been blacked out save for a single statement, “fuck the patriarchy,” which the band say “represents support for its sisters, people of color, LGBTQ, the disabled, the poor, and all of our freaks out there experiencing systemic oppression under the white straight male order.” Head to Wolf Eyes’ Bandcamp now to show your support.

Elsewhere, Detroit label FIT Sound are also encouraging donations following Donald Trump’s win. Writing on Facebook, label owner Fit Siegel says the fundraising drive was inspired by Wolf Eyes and will lend support to “all our brothers, sisters and freaks whose world also feels darker today.” All money received from Bandcamp sales will be donated to Planned Parenthood Action.

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