OTO devices control synths, DJ software and more.

Berlin startup Sonic Geometry has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new “geometric musical controller,” OTO.

OTO allows the user to control synths, DJ software and workstations such as Ableton Live by picking up, turning and moving the devices through the air. They can be used to filter, crossfade and play notes.

The controllers connect to a host computer over Bluetooth, and send wireless data including MIDI notes, CC data, frequency bands and filter sweeps. The controller’s name comes from the Japanese oto-no-katachi, which roughly translates to “shape of sound.”

“Unsatisfied with any of the two-dimensional control interfaces already available on the market, we sought to create a new, three-dimensional paradigm that physicalized the relationship between form and sound in a novel and exciting way: we wanted to give a shape to the sounds we produced,” the company says.

OTO come in packs of two or four, and are bundled with standalone software and apps that make it possible to use the devices with workstation software.

You can back OTO on Kickstarter until December 3, where the company is looking to reach a goal of $33,331 . Rewards include a pack of two OTO controllers (starting at $79), a pack of four controllers ($149) and even a kit of early prototypes ($601). [via Synthtopia]

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