The band’s manager says Jesse Hughes was never even there.

The reopening of Paris’ Bataclan last week appeared to also reopen old wounds with Eagles Of Death Metal frontman Jesse Hughes, who the venue’s co-director said he personally kicked out during Sting’s performance.

“They came, I threw them out — there are things you can’t forgive,” said Jules Frutos last week. Now one of the band’s managers, Marc Pollack, tells Billboard the incident never happened and that while Hughes was “in Paris to share in remembering the tragic events of a year ago with his friends, family and fans,” he never even tried to enter the club.

Pollack goes on to call Frutos a “coward” who “feels the need to soil his own club’s reopening by spreading false tales to the press, and tainting a wonderful opportunity that could’ve been used to spread peace and love, to further spread mean spirited words of hate.”

According to Billboard, Hughes did appear outside the Bataclan at one point to take in the scene and talk to fans, but had no intention of trying to get in. Furthermore, security precautions for Sting’s concert reportedly would have made it impossible to gain entry.



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