The forgotten track was intended for Rockstar’s 2010 video game.

Animal Collective have released a track that they recorded for video game western Red Dead Redemption.

‘Mountain Game’ was made for the soundtrack of Rockstar’s 2010 classic but, according to the Baltimore band, the studio “never used it”.

José González and Jamie Lidell both contributed to the Morricone-inspired score of the hit game. A sequel, announced in October, arrives on consoles in late 2017.

Earlier this year, Animal Collective released two live albums recorded in Los Angeles and Manchester. The band donated proceeds from the sales of the records to a local non-profit organising against North Carolina’s discriminatory HB2 bill.

Beyoncé credited the group on her latest album Lemonade after interpolating a line of their 2009 single ‘My Girls’.

In 2015, Animal Collective released their tenth studio album, Painting With.

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