A head-spinner from the São João Baptista EP.

Lisbon trio Niagara may be cooking with totally different utensils to labelmates like Nidia Minaj and DJ Marfox, but their sideways approach to club conventions is right at home on Príncipe.

The hardware-heavy trio have just dropped their third release on the label, the four-track São João Baptista EP, which includes the scattershot flute-and-drum jam ‘Laranja’. Sticking a middle finger up to the YouTube commenters, their DIY video makes for a cryptic accompaniment, shiny feathers and all.

‘Laranja’ follows lead track ‘Asa’. The EP is out now on 12″ and digital with hand-painted artwork by Márcio Matos.

Last year Niagara launched their own label, Ascender, with an EP of the same name.



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