Iranian-born artist Sevdaliza teases her eagerly-awaited debut album.

Sevdaliza, the Iranian singer responsible for some of the most disarming electronic pop of recent years, has finally announced her debut album. Due for release in 2017, the title of the full-length has not yet been revealed, but Sevdaliza has shared a video for the first single, ‘Human’.

Directed by Emmanuel Adjei and based on a concept from Sevdaliza herself, the video casts the artist as a mythological creature at the center of the male gaze. It’s a beautiful and challenging piece that’s bolstered by Sevdaliza’s glacial beats and delicate vocals.

Born in Tehran to political refugees, Sevdaliza moved to the Netherlands at a young age, traveling the world as an athlete before settling on a music career. She was recently featured on Parisian producer STWO’s latest single ‘Haunted’, which notched up over 5.9 million streams on Spotify and SoundCloud combined.

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