The album is out today.

Dawn Richard, aka D∆WN, has released Redemption, the final installment in her color album trilogy. This album, or The Red Era, centers on Richard’s feelings about being an artist who is committed to her own vision.

It also favors a forward-thinking attitude about technology, an interest Richard demonstrated earlier this year when she performed the first-ever 360 livestream concert and released a VR clip for her breakout single ‘Not Above That’.

Along with the digital and vinyl release of the album, Richard also offered a USB option which comes with bonus visual material, including a hefty amount of VR videos which have not been released elsewhere. Richard and collaborator have teased some of the work with an 8-minute VR companion to the album.

“I love that VR becomes the narrator in this visual story,” she tells The Creators Project, who premiered the video. “Redemption speaks to self-discovery… I thinks this visual draws that reference and takes you into the journey of self-appreciation and awareness.

“At the end of the video, I call out to others out there looking for something better. A huge pyramid stands for the place where there are open dreams—where rebels are the ‘majority’ and a different skin color isn’t ‘minority.’”

Hear Redemption and watch the companion video, which was made in collaboration with VR artist Sander Sneek, below.



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