The producer-MC duo make their debut.

Jon Phonics’ Astral Black label has been on a roll this year, with tropical sizzlers from Bushido, Impey’s excellent ‘Midnight in Little Havana’ and an essential label compilation.

Capping off the vintage year comes the FEEDEMFREEDOM EP from producer-MC duo Greg & Ed, the first collaboration from the artists better known as Activia Benz label head Slugabed and High Focus Records rapper Ed Scissortongue.

Their video for lead track ‘Same As It Ever Was’, directed and illustrated by Melissa Kitty Jarram, is a surreal story told in MS Paint pixels and disintegrating computer graphics.

About the video, Melissa Kitty Jarram says: “The story follows two oafs who find each other via their love for music, MS paint, and partying. Ironically they also lose themselves in said activities and, after some banging pingers, melt into a merging puddle of their own very nice filth.”

Greg & Ed’s FEEDEMFREEDOM EP is available now on Astral Black.



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