The project was overseen by original composer Keiji Yamagishi.

Brave Wave has announced that it has remastered the soundtrack to 8-bit video game classic Ninja Gaiden and its two sequels, due for release on two vinyl editions next year.

Ninja Gaiden Vol. 1 will include the Keiji Yamagishi’s original score from the NES and arcade versions of the game, while Ninja Gaiden Vol. 2 covers the soundtracks from Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos and Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom.

Both volumes have been supervised by Yamagishi himself, and the music has been recorded digitally from the original hardware and remastered by Brave Wave’s in-house restoration expert.

According to an interview with The Verge, Yamagishi was instrumental in getting original publisher Tecmo to agree to the project, and tracked down original members of the game’s team for interviews that will appear in the album booklets. “It wasn’t easy and it was very time consuming,” he said.

The two volumes follow Brave Wave’s “definitive” edition of the Street Fighter II soundtrack, which it released last year, remastered using the same techniques as the Ninja Gaiden project.

There’s no release date for the Ninja Gaiden soundtracks yet, but you can subscribe to the Brave Wave mailing list to find out when they will be available for pre-order at the label’s website.

Listen to a track from Ninja Gaiden Vol. 1 below.

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