Lisette Paulson was refused an office for her breast pumping set-up.

A former Tidal employee is suing the Jay Z-owned company for sex and pregnancy discrimination, after she was fired for requesting the use of a private room to use her breast pump.

As TMZ reports, new mother Lisette Paulson claims that in 2015 the music streaming company, specifically Tidal head Desiree Perez, terminated her employment contract because she refused to use a bathroom for her pumping set-up. She was told by Perez that she couldn’t use an office but that they would have a meeting to discuss the situation further, however was then fired the following day.

Paulson claims that she initially worked for Tidal as a consultant, but was offered a full-time job in 2015 after she gave birth to her child. The lawsuit states that Tidal violated the Fair Labor Standards Act, as well as New York state employment laws. Paulson is seeking unspecified damages and as well as alleging sex and pregnancy discrimination, is suing for intentional infliction of emotional distress and breach of oral contract.

FACT has reached out to Tidal for comment.



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