The first record feature a 46-minute epic from Swedish artist Liturgiske Owäsendet.

London’s Lobster Theremin empire has launched a new sub-label focusing on “ambient, drone and experimental electronics” called Lobster Sleep Sequence.

The idea for the new imprint came when Lobster Theremin boss Jimmy Asquith found himself suffering from a bout of mild insomnia, which was only cured by a 46-minute piece of ambient music he found on SoundCloud by Swedish artist Liturgiske Owäsendet.

Catalina has been “chopped and faded” into two parts for the vinyl release. According to a press release it was a decision not arrived at lightly, but Rashad Becker has been called on to master it for the format.


“It’s a slow burning showcase of slowly evolving sonic substances and memories; a dense fog on a barren land steadily revealing the artefacts and objects hidden behind rocks and beneath the shadows; a static art piece hanging for months in a gallery rarely visited, allowed to decay into a beautiful immersive, solitary existence,” the label says.

Lobster Sleep Sequence is the latest of many sub-labels spawned from Lobster Theremin, which has become one the UK’s most popular labels for house and techno, helping to launch the careers of artists such as Palms Trax, Privacy and Daze.

Other Lobster Theremin sub-labels include Distant Hawaii, which recently put out music by lo-fi house producer Ross From Friends and Mörk, which issued the recent Cranks album from deep house producer Grant.

Catalina is released on vinyl in December, but you can listen to the whole thing below.



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