No thank you, Based God.

Last week, Lil B announced that he’d finally be dropping his April 2010-announced mixtape Black Ken and has since revealed that it’ll come out in the next month or so, dedicated to Kanye West.

But in the flurry of excitement Lil B received on Twitter about the initial reveal, one fan in particular popped up asking how he could get the new music…

Martin Shkreli grabbing for rap exclusives is nothing new – he is newsworthy in these parts for the cartoon villainy of holding his one-of-a-kind Wu-Tang album hostage and then sharing it when Donald Trump was elected US president. (He is, however, a real life villain having nothing to do with the music industry.) None of this seems to bother Lil B, who called the pharma-pig “legend” and said “I respect ur love for art and music.”

OK look I get it, Lil B likes to see the good in people. He thanked Shkreli for sharing some of the Wu-Tang album and blah blah that’s all fine and dandy. But Lil B has allowed the Based God to curse James Harden and Kevin Durant for lesser things than, say, hiking up the cost of an HIV and malaria treatment from $13.50 a pill to $750. That’s not based.



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