Hear the first track from the guitarist’s decade-in-the-making release.

When he’s not playing guitar in post-rock mainstays Pelican, Chicago guitarist Trevor Shelley de Brauw has played in wildly different projects. However, next year will bring a first for him: a solo album recorded under his own name.

Titled Uptown, the album finds de Brauw using his guitar to create six swirling drone pieces as dense as they are melodic. Gradually pieced together over the last 10 years, the press release describes the album as a sort of “sonic scrapbook” building impressionistic sounds inspired by the twists and turns of its creator’s life.

Today you can hear Uptown‘s first single and third track, ‘They Keep Bowing,’ where powerful drones are balanced with delicate guitar riffs. Savor every detail or zone out completely, you’ll find it’s equally rewarding in entirely different ways.

Listen to ‘They Keep Bowing’ below and grab Uptown February 10 via The Flenser.


01. ‘A New Architecture’
02. ‘Distinct Frequency’
03. ‘They Keep Bowing’
04. ‘You Were Sure’
05. ‘Turn Up For What’
06. ‘From the Black Soil Poetry and Song Sprang’

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