From the Ontario electronic experimentalist’s upcoming album Distance.

There can’t be too many passports in the world as well-worn as the one belonging to Canadian instrumentalist Brad Weber. In addition to his travels as part of Caribou, in which he plays drums, he’s a keen explorer who’s ventured everywhere from Japan and Chernobyl to Guatemala and south America in the nine years since his first solo release, under the name Pick A Piper. That globe-trotting is now the inspiration for a new album, Distance, his second full-length.

‘Geographically Opposed’ is that album’s airy opening salvo, and you can hear it below. Full of pulsing keys and breathy vocals, it’s a lush introduction to the latest evolution of Weber’s sound, even if the track was something of an accident according to the Ontario artist.

“It emerged from an email sent to the wrong person!” says Brad. “Bevan Smith, a friend from New Zealand that I know from the touring band of the Ruby Suns, sent me an email by accident, meaning to actually address a different Brad. In return we got talking and started sending tracks back and forth.  I sent him the instrumentals to both of these tracks and his vocals were absolutely perfect. In the end he also mixed a third of the record and was an awesome sounding board that helped me re-gain perspective and finally complete the album.”

Check out the track above and if you’re London-based, be sure to catch him at The Waiting Room on February 21. Distance is released via Tin Angel Records on March 3.



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