Cyclone Analogic has created two companions to its TB-303 clone.

French company Cyclone Analogic has introduced two new clones of classic Roland drum machines.

The new models are clones of the TR-606 drum machine from 1981, and the CR-78, released in 1978, which was used on early synth-pop records from Blondie and Ultravox.

The TT-606 Drum Drone features all the same sounds as the TR-606, but adds clap and rim shot sounds. It also adds individual audio outputs for many of the sounds, a feature not included on the original model.

Cyclone’s TT-78 takes its cues from the CR-78, featuring the same Latin-inspired maracas, conga, clave and tambourine alongside standard bass drum, snare and hi-hat sounds. The TT-78 also features individual audio outputs for most of the sounds.

Both models feature a built-in sequencer similar to that seen on the company’s popular TB-303 clone, the Bass Bot TT-303, while a built-in memory can hold up to 64 patterns.

The original TR-606 was used on several early acid house records, making it an ideal partner for the TT-303, which was the best TB-303 clone until Roland released its own replica, the TB-03.

You can buy the TT-606 now from the Cyclone Analogic website, while the TT-78 is available for pre-order. Both models cost €499. [via RA]

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