Korg brings another classic synth to iPad and iPhone.

Korg has released an iOS version of its classic Wavestation synthesizer, originally released in 1990.

The original Wavestation utilised vector synthesis, a system that creates sound by cross-fading between four sources. In the case of the Wavestation, this blending was done with a joystick. It also featured wave sequencing, a technology that allowed the user to place waveforms however they wanted to create unique sequence patterns.

The iWavestation app uses a touchscreen version of the original joystick, and is described by Korg as a “faithful” reproduction of the original synth. However, the screen design has been optimised to make it easier to create sequences.

The app contains 1,500 sounds, 700 waveforms and 55 effects as well as a random feature that instantly creates different wave sequences. The presets cover all models in the Wavestation series.

The app is available now from the App Store at an introductory price of $19.99/£14.99. It also works with Korg’s Gadget app for easy music-making with the company’s wide range of apps, including the recent ARP Odyssey app.

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