The Yowler will get more functions depending on how much money it makes.

A new DIY noise synth has launched on Kickstarter, and its creator wants backers to vote on what features it includes if it exceeds its funding goal.

The Yowler is a tiny synth created by Australian developer Roberto Jordan capable of “low epic throbbing halls, rasping vocal choruses and burning thick churning waves of static.”

The tiny PCB synth has several interesting features for its size, including the ability to trigger it from external gear and use it as a drum synth, a built-in speaker and mono/stereo output and a light-sensitive pitch control.

This DIY noise synth Kickstarter wants you to vote on its features

Backers can buy the Yowler as a ready built synth for AU$70, or as a DIY kit with PCB, parts and detailed instructions on how to construct it yourself.

Jordan also wants backers to vote on additional features for the synth for every AU$1,000 it makes above the funding target of AU$4,000.

He isn’t revealing all the possible options yet, but backers will be able to choose between upgrading the buttons and choosing a thicker PCB, vote on whether the synth is open source and has a case, and whether it’s compatible with the Eurorack modular system.

At the time of writing (December 5), the project has reached AU$ 2,664 of its target, with 27 days left to go. A DIY kit starts at AU$65, while a ready-made Yowler costs AU$86. [via Synthtopia]

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