The track could have won a Grammy for best country song had it been eligible.

Beyoncés ‘Daddy Lessons’ has been rejected by the country music committee for the Grammy Awards, despite it being the most country song the Houston-born singer has ever made (have they even heard the lyrics?!).

The fact that Bey performed a banjo-and-fiddles version of the track at last month’s Country Music Association Awards, with the Dixie Chicks in tow, or that the song has drawn support from country icon Blake Shelton, doesn’t seem to count for anything. As the Associated Press reports, a source close to the Grammy process revealed that Beyoncé submitted the Lemonade song to the country category but her submission was turned down.

The reasons for the rejection have not yet been disclosed, but if ‘Daddy Lessons’ had made it onto the nominations list, it could have scooped a number of awards, including best country solo performance.

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