Friends share hilarious new stories about the Purple One.

Prince’s eccentricities could fill a book and now that book just got a lot bigger thanks to GQ‘s new collection of anecdotes from the pop icon’s closest friends and confidants.

There are too many highlights to count, but enjoy a few new insights into the late singer below.

— André Cymone, a childhood friend of Prince, recounted how the singer had a spiral notebook of pre-written insults to throw at the neighborhood bully.

“He had them written down. Literally. He had all this stuff. And I finally just said, ‘Well, why can’t I just punch him in the nose?,’ Cymone explained. “And he said, ‘Oh, you don’t want to do that—he’s got, like, 16 brothers.’ I was like, ‘Okay, what’s that joke again?'”

— Prince would show up in the middle of the night to throw rocks at your window according to back-up singer Jill Jones. She said it was “almost like something from a fairy tale”.

— Possibly one of the singer’s last times in a movie theater was seeing the Kevin Hart buddy cop film Ride Along 2 this year. Kandace Spring recounts Prince taking her to see the film in a rented out theater late at night. They were not fans and left midway through.

— According to his publicist Michael Pagnotta, Prince was not a big fan of George Michael, or was at least competitive enough to throw shade. After telling Prince he had to leave town for Paris while Michael was shooting his ‘Too Funky’ video, Pagnotta recounts Prince blunt response.

“What do you want to do that for? George Michael? George Michael ain’t shit.”

— When it came to cooking Prince had a limited range, but excelled with what he knew and what he knew was breakfast. His eggs were legendary according to multiple sources, the secret? Cheddar cheese and a little bit of curry powder.

— And best of all there’s a new layer to one of Prince’s last final bizarre characteristic. His unabashed love of Finding Nemo.

According to Brianna Curiel, the younger sister of dancer and Curly Fryz member Danielle, Prince played the Pixar classic constantly in his house with her quiet reflection that “he would have loved to see Finding Dory” becoming one of the most tragic things in the entire feature.

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