An urgent “call-to-action” from a slew of club producers du jour.

M.E.S.H, SKY H1, Kablam, Soda Plains, Ziúr and other experimental club producers have gathered for a 24-track pay-what-you-can charity compilation titled Co-Op.

“This compilation is a call-to-action, and an invitation to be aware of the organizations and communities which have been active in a struggle for equality and aid for years,” they told The FADER. “You are invited to make a difference in your local community against all forms of discrimination and its backlashes.”

While the compilation is available to download and stream online for free, it is being given out on a “trust-basis,” with the producers encouraging supporters to donate time or money to a number of recommended organisations.

Among these organisations are Black Lives Matter, Reporters Without Borders, Queer Comrades and Fire Relief Fund For Victims of Ghostship Oakland Fire  see the full list of organisations. Hear the compilation via the player below or download it here.

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