Native Instruments makes its controller more versatile for producers.

Native Instruments has announced a clutch of updates that add deeper software compatibility for its Maschine Jam controller.

The controller is designed with the company’s Maschine software in mind, but now works more seamlessly with three DAWs from different compnaies: Ableton Live, FL Studio and Bitwig Studio.

NI released a template for using with Ableton Live when it released the controller in September, but as CDM reports, the latest update includes a dedicated template that works with Max For Live as well as just triggering clips.

FL Studio’s new template makes Maschine Jam the first hardware controller that allows you to use the software’s step sequencer out of the box. It also lets you launch clips, input notes and more, as the video below demonstrates.

Bitwig Studio’s new Maschine Jam template allows users of the software to switch easily between it and the Maschine app, as well as record notes from the step sequencer and use the controller’s touch strips for performance.

Native Instruments released the Maschine Jam controller earlier this year, not as a replacement for its popular Maschine hardware but as a companion. While the original model features velocity-sensitive pads for drumming out beats, the new model is more aimed at building track ideas quickly with its step sequencer.

Visit the NI website for full details on how to get the controller working with Ableton Live, FL Studio and Bitwig Studio.

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