Ye takes to Twitter in the wake of outrage.

Earlier today, Kanye West took a meeting with PEOTUS Donald Trump at his home Trump Tower. It comes in the aftermath of West’s hospitalization after a handful of pro-Trump rants on the Saint Pablo Tour. West claims that he was there to “discuss multicultural issues” after downplaying the xenophobic platform that Trump ran on.

West lists the topics discussed as education, bullying and violence in Chicago, saying “I feel it is important to have a direct line of communication with our future President if we truly want change.”

It also seems that Kanye would either like to support Trump through a second term or that West is aiming to run on the Republican ticket, as he closed his defense with “#2024”.

Last month, West told a California Saint Pablo crowd that “would have voted for Trump” if he had voted at all. He said that racism in this country is “just a fucking fact” and did not condemn any of Trump’s rhetoric during his campaign: “We are in a racist country.”

Kanye did not say whether he spoke to Trump about racism in his tweets about the meeting.

Update, Dec. 14: Trump also gave Kanye a signed issue of his TIME Person of the Year cover.

This story will be updated as it progresses.



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