The rapper requested a meeting with the President-elect after leaving the hospital.

Kanye West was seen heading into Trump Tower in New York City for a meeting with Donald Trump, TMZ reports.

The reason for the meeting is unclear, but TMZ’s sources say that it was Kanye who requested the 15-minute meeting which Trump agreed to.

The two later emerged for a photo shoot but did not discuss their meeting. Trump said the two had been friends for a long time and said their meeting was about “life”. West did not respond to any questions, only smiling at one point and saying “I just want to take a picture right now”.

West made an erratic and enthusiastic endorsement of Trump during The Life Of Pablo tour before his hospitalization for “temporary psychosis due to lack of sleep and dehydration”. Since his release the rapper is back at work on his next album, but has released no further statement about the endorsement or his feelings for the President-elect.



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