Forget your vintage 303s – this is a real piece of acid house history.

The Haçienda was torn down and replaced by luxury flats back in 2002 but its architectural legacy lives on – in a plank of wood. Bonehead, founding member of Manchester legends Oasis, is giving away a piece of the clubbing mecca’s storied dancefloor. All you need to do is retweet to win!

OK, so it’s not quite as nice as the purple and red piece of Hacienda dancefloor that went up for auction back in 2014, but just think about all the famous stilettos that walked across that plank and all the early rave crusaders that muddied it with their sweat and tears.

It’s a great idea, if only for the Twitter responses. “Like the musical equivalent of winning a piece of the Berlin wall,” noted one user, while another cautioned: “If that floorboard could talk…” Someone is even urging Bonehead to “make an instrument out of it.” Please don’t do that though Bonehead!

Let’s hope the Oasis guitarist forks out for special delivery so the plank arrives in time for Sunday – this could give a music lover a Christmas they’ll never forget.

Now take a walk around the original FAC 51 Haçienda and relive some of the best acid house records ever made.



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