Mixes I by I 19.12.16

FACT mix 582: Imaginary Forces

London’s Imaginary Forces crashes down with a blend of extreme noise, grime, techno and industrial ambience.

Anthoney Hart has been embedded in the UK dance music scene since almost as long as he can remember. He cut his teeth spinning dubplates on London’s pirate radio stations in the 1990s and since then has been fusing the backbone of the hardcore continuum with crunching industrial ambience, searing noise and mutant techno sounds.

This year, he dropped the And What? EP on Rabit’s Halcyon Veil imprint and the Visitation EP on Swedish noise label Fang Bomb. Each 12″ showed a different side of Hart’s sound – Visitation dipped into jagged noise techno while And What? was harder to pin down, sounding like jungle put through a blender or dubstep being played off a damaged compact disc.

On his debut FACT mix, Hart raids his bottomless collection of dubplates and unreleased material, weaving together a mix comprised almost entirely of original material. There’s snippets of acerbic, sizzling noise, fractured rhythms and enough bass to completely ruin your neighbors’ Christmases. You know what to do.

FACT mixes are now back on SoundCloud – download the mix in the player below.



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