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Legowelt has released the fourth issue of his Order of the Shadow Wolf cyberzine, which features studio guides for producers alongside techno fashion tips and more.

“Fed up with your dark Berlin techno wardrobe?” he asks. “Stop looking like an insecure Neofolk dork, thats not what TECHNO is about,” he says, recommending Nike Decade trainers, circuitboard jewellery and bandanas for the clubber that wants to stand out.

Also included in the 29-page zine are interviews with electro producer Man Parrish, Parisian techno artist Voiski and a new DJ mix from Legowelt titled ‘Dogz Take Drugs Too’. There’s also a guide to building a laser oscilloscope projector out of some old speaker cones, laser pen and a ballon.

Producers can take advantage of Legowelt’s studio wisdom: as well as instructions on how to make a cheap stand for a Roland Boutique synth, there’s a comprehensive guide to tape loops, exclusive 808 drum sequences and an article on the 1201 Zoom Studio digital reverb and effects unit.

If all of this sounds too hectic for you, Legowelt has thrown in an ASCII rural forest simulator and a guide to his essential trip music. Read it here, and download his recent 808 emulation for Ableton Live.

Last year, FACT TV visited Legowelt at his studio in The Hague where he showed us how he makes his tracks – watch below.

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