Exile’s latest download contains over 1GB of royalty free sounds.

Tim Exile has released FLOWs, a free algorithmic sequencer packed with sound loops created with his Flow Machine instrument.

According to Exile, FLOWs allows you to “explore, mutate and create sonic structures” using its powerful sound sculpting and modulation features, and includes over 1GB of royalty-free sounds.

It allows you to layer and cross-modulate up to four loops at once using filters and enevelopes, switch loops on the fly or use LFOs to modulate loop switching with a random LFO.

FLOWs is available as a free download, but you’ll need a copy of Native Instruments’s free Reaktor 6 Player to use it. If you’re looking for more music tools, check FACT’s list of the best free VST effects.

Last year, FACT TV visited Tim Exile to film him using the Flow Machine, a custom-built instrument combining controls for loops, effects, samplers, grooveboxes and synths into one big box. Watch that below.

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