“Stop calling yourself the Queen of Rap. Queens don’t wear Spandex.”

Earlier today, Azealia Banks published an anti-Nicki Minaj screed on Facebook, comparing her music to McDonald’s and suggesting that the Queens rapper “decrease [her] butt just a bit”.

This is not the first time that Banks has come after Nicki Minaj for her appearance. In 2011, Banks insulted her sartorial choices in an interview with The Village Voice and has since had venom for Minaj, calling her output “basic ass music” in 2015.

Banks has since-deleted the initial anti-Nicki Facebook update, but not without coming under fire from Minaj’s dedicated fan base. The perceived impetus for this fight is a character that mocks Banks in Minaj’s new mobile game The Empire:

Banks also claims to be working with Safaree, Minaj’s ex-boyfriend with whom she was in a relationship with long before her ascent to stardom. Her most recent album, 2014’s The Pinkprint, details some of what Minaj went through in their breakup.

Despite the Barbie backlash, Banks thinks this beef is good for her: “Thanks for all the new meta-data barbs! Everytime u say “Azealia Banks” you add to that SEO!! It’s always a nice Free push of data that adds to ones popularity in the invisible country that basically is the World Wide Web.”

Banks’s last public skirmish was with the actor Russell Crowe and Wu-Tang vet RZA. Banks alleged that Crowe spat in her face, choked her and called her racial slurs at a party in Beverly Hills back in October. It was reported in December that Crowe will not be charged because his actions – which are being reported just as removing her from the party by force – were considered “justified”.



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