Featuring Sid from Slipknot, drugs, money, guns and Perez Hilton.

Riff Raff has unveiled the trailer for his upcoming feature film The Peach Panther and it’s as ridiculous as you’d expect from someone with a country album called Truck Stuff & Butterscotch Butts in the works.

Announcing the movie on Twitter this morning, no details about the film are known except that it’s named after Riff Raff’s Peach Panther album, it’s coming next autumn and it features a motley crew of cast members, including Tommy Chong, The Fat Jew, Perez Hilton, G-Eazy and Slipknot’s turntablist Sid Wilson.

Last month the Texan artist – who nearly made it onto the big screen in 2013 after allegedly being considered for the role of Alien in Spring Breakers, added another ridiculous dimension to his already ridiculous persona by offering to play Donald Trump’s inauguration for $50k. Trump has been desperately trying to find performers with little luck so he may be left with no option but to give Riff Raff a call.

Now see how Riff Raff and Skepta’s Halloween collaboration ‘Back From The Dead’ fared in FACT Singles Club – you may already know the answer.



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