The lawsuits list a number of defendants.

The first lawsuits have reportedly been filed by the families of two victims of the Ghost Ship fire in Oakland that killed 36 people after a blaze broke out during a warehouse party on December 2.

As CNN reports, among the defendants listed by Griffin Madden and Michela Gregory are the building’s owner and primary tenants, Derick Almena and Micah Allison and Oakland’s Police, Fire, and Planning and Building Departments.

LA label 100% Silk and 100% artist Golden Donna, who headlined the December 2 event, are also reportedly being sued. However as The FADER notes, label co-owner Britt Brown clarified that they were not involved in promoting the event and stressed how they are “still grieving from this awful tragedy like everyone else. I can only imagine how Michela and Griffin’s families must be feeling, our hearts ache for them.”

The lawsuits allege a number of claims, namely “horrific, gross negligence” and have called the “cluttered” interior of the 10,000-square-foot venue “a death trap” that also contained “insufficient smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, sprinklers, exit signs and emergency lighting.”

They also claim that there was no safe means of accessing the second floor. The majority of the victims were found on what remained of the second floor after the roof collapsed onto it.

There had also been fires prior to the December 2 blaze, including a refrigerator fire the day before the event that residents had to extinguish. It is believed that a refrigerator may have caused the deadly fire on December 2.

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