‘The Great Phatsby’ is due to air on January 15.

The Simpsons is set to air an hour-long hip-hop-themed episode inspired by The Great Gatbsy this month and now you can peak a clip of what to expect.

In addition to cameos from Snoop Dogg, RZA and Common, US comedian (of Key and Peele fame) Keegan-Michael Key will play a “washed-up rapper”-turned-candle seller called Jazzy James. In the video below he discusses his character, which also features scenes from the upcoming episode.

The double-length episode – a format that has never been broadcast by The Simpsons before -will also see Taraji P Henson play a version of her Empire character, Cookie Lyon. Jim Beanz, who produces music for Empire is writing the music.

The episode is centered around Mr. Burns’ friendship with a hip-hop mogul named Jay G and his act of betrayal that calls for Bart and Homer to help him seek revenge. The Simpsons’ executive producer Matt Selman has said that part 1 of the show would be subtitled ‘The Betrayal’ and part 2 would be called ‘The Revenge’, “kind of like a two-part rap album.”

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