The sampler is back.

Following the leak of Akai‘s two new standalone MPC models earlier today (January 9), the company has released official videos of the forthcoming MPC Live and MPC X.

Both models come with a 16GB hard drive and touch screen, and don’t require a laptop to use, unlike some of the company’s recent models. It could also tempt some artists away from NI’s Maschine hardware, which also requires a computer.

As the company explains in the MPC Live video demonstration from Sound on Sound below, the new models have been designed to reflect the needs of modern artists that want to create hybrid DJ and live sets. It also explains how the clip launch feature works, and shows how the hardware can be used to build tracks on the fly.

Akai has also published some official videos that briefly run through the features of each model, including how the timestretching and pitchshifting features work with vocals.

It’s worth noting that while both can be used as standalone hardware, the videos confirm that they can also be used as controllers connected to a host computer, much like 2015’s MPC Touch model.

Akai has also give the new hardware to producers including Zaytoven and Bryan-Michael Cox to see what the studio professionals can do with them.

The Akai MPC Live is expected to cost $1,199, with the larger Akai MPC X $2,199. The larger model also features CV and gate outputs along with lots of MIDI connections – ideal for those with lots of synths and other hardware. Both are expected to land in the first quarter of 2017. [via CDM]

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